Crockern Tor

Crockern Tor is also known as Parliament Rock. It was the open-air meeting place for the 'Stannary Convocation of Devon' also known as the 'Devon Stannary Parliament' from 14th to the 18th century, which had the power to amend and expand the English law governing tin mining in Devon. It is located in the centre of Dartmoor, near Two Bridges, first tor on the right when on the path to Wistman's Wood. The walk up to the tor is not difficult, taking approximately 15 minutes from the car park at Two Bridges. Follow the path northwards along the eastern side of the West Dart River, until you reach the cottage on the left hand side of the path, after which take the path on the right which will lead you up the hill. The views looking south-east from the tor span from Bellever Forest and Bellever Tor to the north-east, over to North Hessary Tor above Princetown in the south-west. If it is a clear day you should be able to spot the two prominent mounds of Haytor Rocks in the distance, just to the right side of Bellever Tor.